Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What am I, a Moron?

Why did I PEE ON THAT STICK? Why? And today of all days. Woke up and absolutely no AF…even after a digging excavation. Good! So figured, lets just get this sorted out one way or another. Let’s wrap this baby up...scuze the pun.

Negative…like DUH.

And the kicker is that the MINUTE I had finished staring at the stick, with disgust, AF showed up. Can you friggin’ believe that? Seriously, is someone laughing at me right now?...because this shit ain’t funny!

Then I stubbed my toe on the chair,
Spilled oj down the front of my blouse after changing 14 times,
Wrestled with the key which got stuck in the lock on the way out and had mini temper tantrum on back deck,
Walked my face through a spiderweb (my personal favorite)
Turned my ankle on a rock going down the back alley,
Ran and missed the bus (I think I saw the driver grinning in the rearview mirror)
Got milk instead of cream in my coffee…

What’s next? Gristle in my chicken? An impromptu “work performance” meeting??? A Collections Bill in the mail?


Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sucks! I've had that experience before, getting AF right after testing. Where did you get the middle finger, though? So sorry, XOXO. Barb

Eggs said...

lol - thanks Barb...Murphy's Law sucks. I found the picture on Google can find just about anything - I have fun searching for appropriate pictures for my woe's!