Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Do NOT read the last few chapters of "My Sister's Keeper" in the IVF waiting room when you're hopped up on GonalF. Just don't. It is a recipe for disaster. It started with a quiver of the sides of the mouth...then the eyes welled up. I coughed a little and rubbed my eye (to try to give the impression it was allergy related) but it was too late...all eyes were on me...well not really ON me, but the darting eye trick you get from people who want to STARE but don't want to be gauche. The high pitched clearing of the throat didn't help much either. Anyway...just a warning.

Today's appointment did not go too well. I now have only 4 follicles that will reach the right size come retrieval...the other ones are too small. The doctor sat with me for 15 minutes and told me that we will need to make this decision. Either we go for it with very few follicles and possibly less mature eggs, or we convert to an IUI. We will lose the follicles on the left hand side (because we removed that tube...remember...) but I think it is our best option at this point. I will still take the drugs to the end, I will still do the trigger shot to give a precise window of when I will ovulate, and Chris will do a sperm wash. Trust him to make a joke about WHEN the sperm wash will take place, "before or after deposit?" Har har. He should count his lucky stars that it's after.

The doctor also talked about this being a "priming" cycle. My body didn't respond well to the drugs, and ONCE AGAIN MY MOTHER HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD: My body needed a kick start. Its been 2 years since the last round of drugs and my body is in shut down mode. Sometimes it takes a cycle to get things moving again. The doctor is hoping my body will respond more readily to the drugs in a month or two - he keeps repeating, "we can do better."

I think at this point we have to be reasonable and maximize our "borrowed" dollars. No point spending $10,000 on an IVF when we can convert this not-so-good cycle to a $500 IUI. There is still a good chance it could gave us a 15% POP.

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Anonymous said...

gosh has it really been two years - how time flies - well pardon that, for you not I know but really two years.... your mum is most probably right, the body needs a kick start but how much of a start one asks - still this doc seems to be talking sense (makes a change) and you should go with your inner most thoughts - as for sister's keeper - oh my, what a tear jerker - have read just about all her books - this one has been turned into a film - bet it won't be as good as the book thou -what a great read when your waiting in a room such as you were ..........not! lolol xxx