Tuesday, September 8, 2009

IVF Waiting Room "Types"

Got to the clinic today at 7:15 to find five women in line before me. DAMN! I am usually #1 or 2, but I guess they are onto me...and now I have to wait. Good thing I had my book, even though I read the same page over and over again. There is too much to watch, study, judge, wonder... everyone has a story and dammit I want to know. There are the "commenters" - these are the quick one-liners, i.e., "its slow today don't you think?" They don't really want you to comment back - they just want to put in their two cents and then get out. Heaven forbid they should encounter a "talker". The "talkers" will glom onto any "commenter" who will then wish they had never opened their big mouth in the first place. Then there are the "readers" - they are always prepared with book in face, or they will head straight for the magazine table and avoid any and all eye contact. They do not speak to anyone and you should not attempt to engage one in conversation, you will be disappointed. Finally there are the "zoners" - they just stare at one spot and glaze over. Zoners are sitting ducks for "talkers" especially since they appear dumb or void of thought.

I'm a reader through and through. I don't want to talk - its 7:15 for god's sake!!! I am generally a chipper person, but I lack the conversation gene that early in the morning. Some people got it, some people don't. I don't.

So today's numbers met the criteria. I don't believe they were on the "way to go!" side of the spectrum, they were more on the "you just squeaked by kid" side. It will have to do - the doc is keeping me in the game. It is still very early and I am pumping in 450ml of Gonal F at a fast and furious rate. I can practically hear the growth in my ovaries... Things are brewing down there.

Stay tuned for Friday's results!


Anonymous said...

I love it. I think you should turn this into a book while you are pregnant. It will easily hit the number 1 charts.

I cannot wait for friday !

Anonymous said...

not long to go now - ooh i can feel butterflies in my tummy for you! I agree last comment - def turn into book - you have a goldmine there - everything is crossed - like EVERYthing for you! x

Anonymous said...

PS - is that you in that photo - if not, then its a very good match!