Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Grand Decision

So, received a call from Kyle, the IVF nurse (let it be duly noted that she is quite pleasant and I have taken a liking to her). She spoke to the doctor and he does not recommend going forward with the IVF this cycle. Its ok...this is what I predicted and what I have mentally prepared for. In a couple of months we shoot for a better cycle - a better response to the drugs and hopefully go forward with an IVF then. This just wasn't the right time.

But we're doing an IUI - first time I've been turkey basted...the odds aren't as good as an IVF, but you never know!

1. We have 3 follicles on the right - that's like 3 months worth of chances right there.
2. Chris is having a sperm wash - so they'll get rid of all the junk and keep the good ones.
3. The timing is perfect. I'm to take the "trigger" tonight. This will mean that within 36 hours my little follies will release...to be met by Chris's washed up n' spiffy sperm...complete with corsage.

That's a whole boat load better than just winging it ourselves...so fingers crossed this could be it!

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Jennifer and Jeremy said...

oh my! this is all happening right now! i'm so excited for you Lisa!
XOXOX Jenliz