Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fat Lady is Back Stage, Warming Up

I hope she trips on a cord and falls on her face before she makes it to center stage. I’d love that.

Today is 12 dpo and it started – red spotting. Whether its “spotting” or “period” is beyond me. It’s red if that’s any help. I, of course, feel miserably defeated. I was told to call the clinic if I were to “spot” before October 1…so I did. She told me to come on up and get a blood test (2 days early). She said they would be able to tell by today anyway, and that if I were pregnant they could get a jumpstart on fixing the bleeding by adjusting or supplementing my progesterone intake…

So we wait. 2 hours…

I hate this part.

1 hour has elapsed and with each passing minute AF gets stronger and angrier...super duper.

The fat lady made it to center stage and is belting out her best aria...confirmed by bloodwork. Thank you to everyone who chimed in or just read along - I really appreciate everyone's support. xo


Tracy said...

I so hope it's not the fat lady, but even if it is, remember-this was just a "freebie". You have the IVF to trump all other IVF's right around the corner. Your time is coming!

leslie said...

*sigh* im so sorry, lisa.


Anonymous said...

yep sigh too but as tracy said you have the real deal just around the corner - that fat lady needs to take a vacation!