Saturday, September 12, 2009

To continue?...or not to continue?


Chris and I have both gotten it into our heads that one of these 5 little follicles might just grow up to be a professional hockey player and get us out of this surmounting debt. Its worth the gamble don't you think?

The nurse called back and assured us that the doctor is very aware of our history and is not making any decision lightly - and that he feels we should continue because the quality of these 5 follicles might be the difference. Sometimes a different drug protocol is what it takes, and the motto of this IVF#5 is "It only takes one." Its what's keeping us going...and the future wealth of our amazingly talented hockey family.

Speaking of wealth...which we don't have a chance to acquire since we are constantly spending huge sums of money...last night Chris counted out loud as he injected the liquid gold into my leg..."one hundred! two hundred! three hundred! four hundred!....aaaaand 500 hundred dollars!

Sigh. Talk about extortion.

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Anonymous said...

ok so not so doom and gloom right now - gotta continue in the hope of that ice hockey hero that will get you out of the mounting debt!