Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Week and Counting

Of course all of my Peaches-in-waiting will be secretly wishing I would POAS as they will be tripping over themselves with excitement. I understand it completely, and no one wants this more for me than them, BUT I have decided why bother when I have to be tested at the clinic anyway? There’s no point. Say I tested early, and it’s a negative…I STILL have to go to that insulting blood test knowing full well its only going to confirm what we already know. Its like a double whammy of negatives. Home testing is for ferts, I've determined. For me? Well here's what happens:

Me: Chris...I think we have a shot this month!
Chris: I hope so hon.
Me: Do you think I should test?
Chris: If you want.
Me: Wouldn't it just be freakin' amazing?
Chris: Sure would.
Me: I'm gonna do it - I mean why not? It will put me out of my misery.
Chris: Okay if you think so.

(Tinkle Tinkle...wait...pace...)


We’ve learned our lesson…many many times. So, let it be like ripping off a Band-Aid – sharp but quick. No point in pulling up the corners.


Anonymous said...

did you, I mean have i read that wrong cos am reading it with wine filled eyes - have you tested or not? now is a time I need to start believing and praying for you!

Eggs said...

Cousin is that you? You must be very drunk to think I have tested because its all about how I'm NOT going to test... Yes, too much wine I'm thinking...but I love ya you big lush!

Anonymous said...

Well you described me pefectly - secretly hoping you will POAS! I hear ya though, good for you for waiting. As ever, fingers crossed you are pg.


PS - When is the blood test??

Anonymous said...

yes ok it was me - and probably too much wine last night and not seeing clearly lololol - oh gawd, how much longer now?

Eggs said...

haha!! Well it was your birthday - it was to be expected!!

Anonymous said...

I **HATED** seeing the negative on a stick so i never peed before 15 days. So i understand. But you've got to give us someth'n. When is that darn blood test ?