Friday, April 22, 2011

13 weeks and 2 days pregnant!

Hi again!

Had a great chat with Nickole this morning. She being mom, a.k.a., the ultimate multi-tasker, talked to me on phone, changed E's diaper, juggled Clementines with M, all the while preparing them to leave the house. I think she was also knitting an afghan whilst flipping flapjacks. I wonder, just how many arms does she have? Between motherly duties, she also managed (how I'm not sure) another couple of pics for your viewing pleasure. I can't deny I felt a wave of emotion looking at them. Our little ones are in there, growing away and getting ready to meet their mum and dad. I can't wait!

On a funny note, Nickole and I talked endlessly about how she was packing the kids up to go to Toys R' Us to buy a birthday present for a birthday tomorrow. I know it was "one of those mornings" where the kids sabotaged her every attempt to get ready in a reasonable amount of time. She finally succeeded, strapped them in the car, and took the long drive to Toys R' Us...only to realize it was Good Friday. OOPS! I admit I feel a smidgeon of guilt myself that I did not realize this and save her the trouble. It literally did not cross my mind. I know I'm not the one who's pregnant, but I am definitely suffering the "baby brain" everyone speaks of. Wait...what was I saying?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm in Baby Heaven (12 weeks)

Hello my friends! Yesterday Nickole and I went for an ultrasound at the see two beautiful little babies! Omg I still can't believe how incredible they are - it still feels a little like I'm in a dream, about to ABRUPTLY be awakened (and kept awake...for many months) but seeing those little babies swimming around in Nickole's belly made this all feel so much more real. They are so fully formed, and Amac (Baby A) was doing the Funky Chicken - her limbs were all over the place... Bmac (Baby B, obviously) was just floating around, like he was on the moon...

I don't know why I think of Amac as a girl and Bmac as a boy...maybe it's because my mother suggested Amac was a girl, or maybe it is because the original Bmac is brother in law... Bmac Senior. He's a boy.

Nickole contacted me today to say that the high risk OBG had called her and told her that "everything looks great". She was told to book another u/s at the same clinic in 4 weeks time, just to ensure they continue to grow at the same rate. Then we will go again around 18-20 weeks.

I asked Nickole if her mommy intuition was telling her that everything was right on track, no problems, and she said, "yes, the mommy in me is saying we are a-ok". The mummy in me feels the same way. I am confident my babies are doing very well.

I felt proud like a proud mom for the first time ever today. It felt great!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life Lessons

Ok so you'd think that I probably would have suffered my fair share of "life lessons" by now, yes? No. The universe is not done with me yet, don't be getting all excited for nothing. Apparently now I have to withstand stingy wounds as well...salty ones. The company I have worked for for 12 years (and I picture them smugly shrugging whilst referencing the Collective Agreement) is not required to pay me for my leave, as I am not the "BIRTH MOTHER". Well...what can I say? They have me by the...

I shouldn't really blame management, but in a way I do. They have the power to make things right. They have the power to do the right thing. They choose to look at the C.A. and use it as a way out.

No, I didn't give birth, but the financial burden is the same for me as it is for a woman giving birth. Are we saying that women who can give birth get more money? How come? Are we financially rewarding only the women who can get pregnant themselves? What about the many other ways people create families? Do they not deserve financial assistance from their companies as well? After all we're all taking babies home from the hospital...we're all off for the same amount of time, we're all just trying to raise a family.

Screw them and their semantics. And you better believe I'm adding it to the agenda come bargaining.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tales from the Nesting Place - Chapter 3

Nickole almost 8 weeks (March 14th) & then again at 10 weeks (March 31st)

Hello Again,

So according to Today's parent web site... The week by week guide that I signed up for to keep track of things, I am past the 10th week and in to the 11th week so it does not surprise me that today the babies started to have movements that I can feel. Seems a little more real now... I was so excited that I had to text Lisa and get her out of bed at stupid o-clock in the morning.

This is the info the web site gives me for week during week 11.

Stages Development Guide

Your pregnancy: Week 11

your baby

• Your baby is about the size of a small lime now. He weighs about 8g (0.3 oz) and he's about 44 to 66 mm (1.8 to 2.4 in) long, from the crown of his head to his buttocks. But not for long. He's entering a period of rapid growth. Over the next three weeks, he will double in length!

• Your baby has become quite an active little guy, kicking and swallowing away inside your womb.

• His fingernails have formed and his external genitals are beginning to develop now. In three weeks, your baby's development into a boy or girl will be complete.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The waiting's un-BEAR-able

...he whispered as I walked by. So he came home with me.