Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I hate to reply on top of the last post...

But I must explain myself. First of all, how adorable is Nickole! I mean you cannot get more gorgeous than that, and no wonder she gets compliments all the time. Not only is she cute as a church mouse, but she is doing this incredibly amazing thing and one can't deny it must be a wonderful feeling to tell people what she is doing for a couple who simply had no other way. I adore the pants off of her (even though I think she might have outgrown most of her pants). Chris and I stared at her picture for a long time...going "wow - she's carrying our little babies! Look!! They are right in there!!" I said, they are coming from there (point to belly on screen) to US (point to both of us). He said jokingly, "they are coming to YOU." He does this all the time, pretends that he's just along for the ride, but I know he will make the most AMAZING father...I have always known this, and he will embrace it just as much as I will... he is just toying with me. Lol it is funny to hear him act all calm and confident like "piece of cake" when I know he is quietly dealing with the on-set of his new reality. Nothing like jumping right in which is no doubt his approach.

The reason for my (no excuses) absence, is "Renovation Heaven" read Renovation Hell. It is finally coming together though and I can almost taste the end. By next weekend I think we'll be relaxing on the new sectional. This will become Chris's permanent man cave and no doubt I will not see him in the bed for a couple of months. Let's call it a long cool slumber before the chaos hits.

So today we are 25 weeks on the nose...according to my handy dandy ticker, and in two weeks we'll be joining Nickole for another u/s. By the way, SHE KNOWS! She knows the sexes of the babies because she's been there done that and caught a few tell tale glimpses of the u/s. All I see, other than beautiful heads and spines and toes, is blobs, and I have no idea what means what... but this is a "perk" of being a surrogate and she can bask in the glow of knowing...

We're so grateful to have met our Nickole.

Tales from the Nesting Place - Chapter 5

Hello All Again,

I know it has been just over a month from the last blog post.... and Lisa has been up to her eyeballs in renovation heaven LOL.

So it is now t minus 105 days til due date, and 84 days til full term. The belly is still rocking - babies are very active and a new development is the 2:30AM party that I am so not destined to sleep through. I guess that is a good thing because it seems that my bladder is not on the VIP list and gets the boot. Not sure how the hubby would like it if I could sleep through that...I may find it a little funny but I'm sure it would be a short lived ha ha.

Here is a photo of what I look like today (July 13th).

I am having a great summer so far, however I am discovering that carrying twins is sooooo much different that just one. I know I am only 25 weeks but I am the size of someone who should be giving birth SOON lol so I guess it is to be expected that I feel kinda heavy.

On the up side, I am getting lots of people complimenting me on how good I look. (Always fun)

Thank you all for the blog comments.