Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tammy's Ancient "Disc of Conception"

Well, if you're following along, you know that this is our last month before attempting another expensive and emotionally taxing IVF. An IVF represents such hope, but also comes with its fair share of potential disappointment. For most women, an IVF works...and they get on with their lives. For some it is the ultimate gamble. Can you imagine being at a table in Las Vegas, not knowing what you're doing and throwing down $15,000 on one hand? No-one in their right mind would do that...unless it got them a kid (or they had a really bad gambling problem!) Can I just take a moment here to talk about what a big fat rip-off it is? Can someone please explain to me why an IUI, which requires daily monitoring, doctors, ultrasounds, specialists, etc. etc. costs between $200-400 and an IVF costs TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS (drugs being the additional $5,000)???? How do you go from $200 to TEN THOUSAND in one leap? That's a major difference that I can only chalk up to the fact that a while ago some Big Wig RE must have said out the side of his wryly grin, "we can really make a buck here and charge through the nose because these women are DES-PER-ATE!" Snickers of agreement from around the boardroom table... Men with dollar bills for eyes like the cartoons.

Zoooop! Back to reality...sorry went on a tangent, once again. Anyway, in an effort to avoid all of the above mentioned crapoola, Chris and I knocked boots at the exact right time...well, according to Tammy's Ancient "Disc of Conception". Its this disc with rings and rings of dates and information...its like the Cryptex from the Da Vinci Code - if you line up the right dates, voila!, you get a baby! I forgot to take it with me when I left, so now my mother is the disc interpreter...wonder how many times she's studied it this month.

I refer to it as "Ancient" because I believe modern pregnancy tests can detect a pergnancy much sooner than the Disc of Conception suggests. It says I should test on September 12, when really I should know by about the 4th...and that's LATER than when most of my fellow TTCers test. Anyway, time will tell... will the magic numbers line up? Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing and i feel terribly guilty for laughing outloud at such a predicament because it is painful for you but you write so well and with such humour for someone in your situation - as I've said before and will say again - this blog must be published happy ever after or not but I cannot deny - (just in case anyone reading this thinks for one moment i think it's all a joke) that it makes great reading but tinged with sadness as every woman in your situation will relate to xxxx