Monday, March 10, 2008

When I was little my dad was the chief engineer on the BC Ferries. He worked in the noisy engine room and when I visited he would give me ear muffs to wear. I can’t remember now if mum, Mike and I were actually going somewhere, or if I was alone and this was more of a “well we don’t have a sitter so take her on the boat” type thing. Anyhoo, my point is that dad would throw me a five and I’d head to the cafeteria...for the toast. I have never to this day had toast quite like it. It was white bread, I remember, and it was so perfectly toasted...and it always had just a little too much butter pooling on it which was fine by me and cut into triangles – which was different than I was used to and I’m sure made it taste better. Anyway, I wrote a poem – about the toast – I did – because it deserved its own poem.
I feel this way about wine I’m drinking tonight – its delicious and I feel like I need to write it a poem to acknowledge it. Or is it that I’m gearing up for a wine free 9 months and I’m already feeling nostalgic...a good and positive sign no?
Its our wedding anniversary today! Yep 2 years ago Chris and I were Maui'd – what a great day...and what a great wedding. It should be duly noted that Chris and I have had more than the average newlywed’s share of challenges, and are still going strong. Ok enough said because the rest is our business – but let it be known we had a very nice day.
Started the Estrace today and although I’m anticipating headaches and nausea I’m happy to be starting as it only means we are getting closer to the date. 2 weeks today and we’ll have those little babies transferred...I hope they stick...STICK DAMMIT STICK!! Is it too much to ask? Don’t punish them just because its fun to punish me?! Don’t drag the kids into this.

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