Friday, March 21, 2008

SF – Days #2&3 – Touch...and GO!

Ok. So Day 2 was a bit of a nightmare. Had the ultrasound only to discover that I have fluid in my left fallopian tube, which may have an effect on the embryos. The problem arises if the fluid seeps into the uterus – if it’s a bacterial infection it can sabotage the embryos. DEVASTATION. On Day 2 we were told to enjoy San Francisco, return to Canada, have a surgery to REMOVE the fallopian tube, and come back when things were clear. We know this was not easy news to deliver, and it definitely wasn't something we wanted to hear when everything we've done for the past 3 months has been all about this. The excitement, the drugs, the lawyers and organization, the hope the waiting...only to be dealt another crimp in the plan. Hope returned in the form of Option 2, which is to asperate the tube, remove the fluid and hope that it doesn’t build up again. There is no saying how long this took to build up in the first place...we can only hope that doing an asperation will nip this problem in the bud...and hope that the fluid doesn’t return, and if it does...pray it is slow to develop.
So...onward and upward. We go with Option 2. Getting to this decision wasn’t easy – there is so much to consider, but we feel confident with our decision. We came here to do this...we’re doing it.
Sunday we go for an operation to remove the fluid. Dr. Sohn waived his fee which is really helpful since this extra procedure costs an additional 3 grand and obviously wasn’t something we budgeted for. He really is all business, but it’s also obvious too that he is very understanding of the emotional impact this has had on us.
I received a call from Judi today – she’s the coordinator. She said that everyone EVERYONE is pulling for us and gave us a story of a woman who they truly didn’t think stood a chance, and is now pregnant. Apparently her lining wasn’t very good. I’m glad to report that Dr. Sohn said right off the bat that my uterus/lining was perfect...let’s hope that helps our cause.
FET is still scheduled for thank GOD this trip wasn’t for nothing. I really don’t think I could have handled leaving S.F. without the transfer...that would have really done a number on me...I’ve come too far to turn back empty handed.

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Suzy said...

LJ--I had a hydrosalpinx too! I ended up having surgery and have my left tube "clipped." But if I were you, I would be doing the same thing too. You are there, you have come so far. The aspiration should do the trick. I am so crossing my fingers on this!! I'll be really thinking of you on Monday.