Monday, March 17, 2008

Tracy Lied!!

She said it would be smooth sailing from here on out... I figured after almost burning the house to the ground and the passport incident that I had paid my dues...but no...we all know that bad things happen in 3's.

I'm happy to report that bad thing #3 happened tonight. A large glass measuring cup high up on the shelf dropped and landed on my middle finger and mangled it. I look like ET with a big swollen black finger with a big crust of blood. I have syringes in the house and it has occurred to me to put the needle in and suck out the blood because it is FULL...and tight.

On the upside that's 3! No more back luck will come my way...knock on wood.

(and yes, it took me 2 hours to type this)


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL, sorry, just laughing my head off as the "and yes it took me 2 hours to type this" - I can just see you now! However that could have been a whole lot worse that incident - thank goodness No.3 is out of the way!

So excited for you..........


Tracy said...

I love it.....I feel like a celebrity!!! Hee hee! Ok damn it-THIS time I mean it! Smooth sailing from HERE on out!!

Eggs said...

Yeah, a LYIN' YA TRACE!!