Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SF – Day#1 – Arrival!

Well despite 20 minutes of hell and certain death (turbulence) we arrived safely! Got to the hotel about 1pm and managed to check in early which was good – didn’t occur to me to arrange early check in, but it was no problem and they upgraded us to a “suite” which was unexpected and fantastic! So we have a sitting area with a TV, and then a bedroom area with Lisa doesn’t have to watch “How it’s Made” and “Mega structures”. YAAAAWN. Kidding there will be very little time for TV.
Went out straight away and walked what I think was west (up??) and did a big circle around. It’s such a great area we’re in – Union Square – obviously the shopping district. I think Janice’s intentions were good but she mustn’t know about my little shopping...”challenge” I prefer to use in place of addiction. There is a pair of shoes at Stuart Weitzman calling my name...only $225. I think that’s doable don’t you? I also found a pashmina for $500 that I really like. I walked into the store, stood in the middle and did a 360 degree turn and then pointed to a pashmina and said “this is the one I like”. He said “oooh, you have very good taste – you picked the most expensive one in the store!” Well duh!
THANK GOD Chris was still getting a coffee at Starbucks – he would have had a field day with that comment.
Went to a restaurant called “Perry’s” – Chris had the burger – and I had the salad. Once again Chris’s dinner kicked my dinner’s ass. I had his pickle though. They had these really skinny bread stick things that I THINK were decoration, and I was tempted to eat one...Chris said “look honey, no one else is eating theirs...when in doubt do what the locals do.”
Back at the hotel now – we’ve been up an awfully long time and are now using toothpicks to keep from falling asleep too early. Big ultrasound tomorrow with Dr. Sohn. Hope all goes well!!!


Suzy said...

Yay you are in the same town as the babies!! ENJOY the city and the shopping and the food and...I could go on forever!!

Anonymous said...

great the eagles have landed! Some retail therapy before the serious stuff is def in order - good luck for scan

Love you!

your big cousin