Monday, March 3, 2008

11:11 - Make a Wish!

This only works for the chosen ones, but this one feels guilty turning her nose up at the opportunity simply because it’s never worked…so I’m making a wish…for the 1,196th time.

Feeling much better today thank you very much. Friday was, well, bit of a disaster but onward and upward. Back to work today which isn’t such a bad thing really…lots of emails but no disasters…can’t complain.

Doing the Lupron injections myself. I know I know…but when I read the “must be done in the AM” note on the sheet my palms went sweaty and my heart started to race. Chris and I coordinate injections in the morning? I would rather pluck out each eyeball, batter and deep-fry them, and have them for lunch. Last IVF Chris and I giggled about the fact that I simply could NOT will myself to do my own injection…hands trembling, etc., but see, there’s a reason Chris and I stagger our mornings…a very good one… I had a vision of how that might “go down”, and lets just say I’m glad I got up the nerve.

Love the guy but he’s still possessed by the devil until about 9:30am and prickly vs Lupron injections do not a good mix make…you know?

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