Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 Days Post Transfer

So all of today's symptoms can be explained away... I am so scared that all of these symptoms are going to be nothing more than the drugs I have been taking. What a shame - and to be completely honest with you, I thought FOR SURE my last IVF worked - I just thought, "this is it!", because so much was going on in my body, but it was the drugs all along. I feel the same way this time... and I'm so scared I'm going to be let down again. Not sure I could handle that right now...I mean...then what? What's next...I dunno...feeling a bit blue today - had a blowout fight with Chris which hasn't happened in a long while and apparently he doesn't care one iota that I'm a walking drug store, being pumped with hormones and potentially pregnant.

Stomach feels bloated - but Doxycycline makes you feel this way. I'm also having a slight bit of difficulty swallowing - not feeling ill at all - just feels tight in the throat - also a side effect of Doxy...what else...


Burping a lot! Cramps still...lower back feels tired. Every once in a while I get a large "hic!" like when you're eating McDonald's (not that I ever have McDonald's) but then you take a big sip of coke and you instantly do that big "hic!" thing?? You know what I mean? Those randomly happen.

Well that's my body in a nutshell today. 6 more sleeps...then I PEE.

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