Sunday, March 30, 2008

6 Days Post Transfer

Well...woke up this morning to the same heavy feeling in my uterus. I seem to be constantly aware of the area, like there are two fingers pointing to it at all times.
Had a pee in the morning and noticed a little pink on the paper...which instantly had me in a good mood. See IVF-ers or ART girls generally spot during their pregnancies...not sure why but they just do, and a little moment of spotting around 6-7 days past transfer could be indicative of “implantation” spotting...the embryo burying into the uterus, and thereby causing a little bit of bleeding. I didn’t have this any any time during my last two IVF’s, and I think it’s too early for my period, so I can only hope the difference is a good thing. The ONLY thing is...progesterone can cause spotting – DAMN PROGESTERONE (shaking fists).
So anyway, I’m taking it as a good sign...still cramping a little...much earlier than last time which was closer to getting my period...I am still a week away from testing/getting my period – this is all happening early – so keep your fingers crossed that this is all a good sign.
Thanks for stoppin’ by.


Anonymous said...

It must be hell for you with all these symptons. Spotting like you say could be a very good sign - your body is playing mind games with you at the moment but it all sounds exceptionally encouraging. I tune in every day to get your update and as I wait for your page to come up, my tummy is doing somersaults - anxious about what I am about to read. Just keep feeling positive - now point wondering where to go next at this moment in time. Roll on Friday!

Anonymous said...

I can tell by the lack of comments that everyone is too damn scared to even get in here with a comment. Not really scared, but holding our collective breath so to speak. However the symptoms seem to be on the right track, so don't feel bad if nobody comments at this point. We are all here watching and waiting for the good news, and if it is not good news we are all here for you anyway. This is such an excellent journal, I hope it can help others like you in the future.