Monday, March 31, 2008

7 Days Post Transfer

Well...not too much going on today...same old same old - AM I? AM I NOT? AM I? MAYBE I AM? NO WAY I AM... BUT ITS POSSIBLE...COULD IT BE? DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP...BUT MAYBE? ITS POSSIBLE! ...just an example of my constant and annoying inner dialog.

I am a little concerned about the pinch I have in my left side...kinda near where the fallopian tube was aspirated...sortof showed up noticeably yesterday - a similar feeling to the feeling I had after Dr. S. did the ultrasound and was poking around a lot. My fear is that it's filled back up...because I think I can feel the pressure. It kept me up last night...not because it was painful, but more because I worried all night about the fluid seeping into my uterus and damaging a potential pregnancy.

I also have a lot of pain in the progesterone injection sites - on my butt...talked to Judi about that today and she said its because we're doing 2cc's of progesterone and that's "a LOT". The site is so itchy and sore and red and bruised...we'll have to stay away from the left side for a couple of days...the thought of sticking a needle in there again? Brrrrr!! No thanks. Judi suggested (if I am in fact pregnant and we have to continue for 12 weeks) that we inject 1 cc and do a vaginal suppository. EEEWEE!!! I'll stick to my bruised arse thank you.

New plan on testing. I walked up to Dr. Thomas' office at Mount Sinai today (one floor up from mine - its so convenient) - she's the doctor that did a laparoscopy on me a year and a half ago...I really liked her but her receptionist gave me some trouble recently and I had to march up there and ask her what her problem was (she wasn't returning my call). Anyway, went up there today and said "do you remember me - I went to S.F. to do an embryo transfer." She said oh yes! of course - how did that go, etc., and I told her that it went fine, but I don't have anyone to do a beta for me (blood test to see if I'm pregnant) and she said "no problem - here you go." and gave me a requisition. So that is great - I will do that on Monday...Judi in S.F. said Friday was too soon and that I could not rely on a negative result on Friday if I got what's the point? I will just pee on a stick on Saturday morning and hope I see that + sign for once in my sorry life!

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