Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I feel like such a health care professional! Now I know why Chris felt so empowered when he gave me an injections – a little TOO empowered at times…telling me to “shush!” when I asked for him to alter his injection technique just slightly. Seriously he was having none of it – it was almost comical. I mean the guy was good – a pro, I’ll give him that, but don’t you think the injectee (being me) is entitled to a little say in how it all goes down? Anyway, I kinda dig doing it myself! Its like something else I can do. Not only can I do a mean makeup application and process your paycheque, but I can also administer you a shot if you like. And I will even be nice about it – unlike those witches at the clinic. I should get lollipops for my patients.

The Lupron Headache has officially kicked in...big time. I'm wondering if when I start taking the Estrogen it will balance out. Either that or I will be a raging maniac of a woman. Run for your lives! I asked the gals on the site if they remembered any symptoms and they pretty much all had headaches. So now I have one…not at ALL psychosomatic. Seriously though when they mentioned headaches I thought I probably wasn’t taking enough to make a difference, but I think it just took a week or so to get into my system because its here...right on my forehead.

So I’d like you all to be prepared for the fact that getting pregnant may NOT be the end of this struggle. It will be a damn good thing and a step in the right direction as it will indicate that I am ABLE to get pregnant, but miscarriages for donor anything are quite high – or maybe it is the same as regular pregnancies, not sure, but I did some research and its like 30%. With my luck (SORRY MOTHER!)…well I won’t finish the sentence because she’ll give me the business.

Oh...just for fun...I had a visitor today at my desk at work. An obnoxious employee I have to fake smile at, at the best of times. She YELLED “why aren’t YOU off on mat leave – all the rest of your buddies are?” I said (stupid me), “well, we’re working on it.” What I should have said is that I HATE kids because I could care less what this person thinks…and do you know what she said? Say it with me everyone…“YOU JUST NEED TO RELAX.”

Seriously people… For someone in my position it's quite possibly the most infuriating thing to hear!

La-la-la...14 more sleeps!

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