Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It was a bit of a reality check. My lining is nosogood. The doctor suspected it would NOT have increased from last week and he was mostly right. However, there were some measurements on the monitor (Chris was watching like a hawk) that indicated a lining of 9 something - but the initial count was 6.5. I think its different depending on where you are in the uterus - some parts will be more plush and some thinner.

The discussion was about whether or not to optimize our chances by putting in 3 great embryos, or to try 2, see what happens, and know that there are AT LEAST 6 MORE TRANSFERS!!

The procedure he wants to do (if this fails) he says he has very good luck with. Basically he D&C's the lining, and inserts a high quality inverted triangle shaped balloon that keeps the edges of the uterus from caving in as it heals. (Yes, I had one from the hospital but it was round and he says hospitals use the cheapest things they can his version would work a lot better.) So transfer 3 and optimize our chances?? BUT then potentially lose 3 great 8-cell Grade 1 embryos...or transfer 2, see what happens, and then we have the other 5 that are being frozen today, in addition to the 16 we have frozen from Day 1. All of the embryos seem to be very good.

So...we decided to transfer 2 of the very best 8-cell Grade 1 embryos. They were surprised the uterus was as open as it was - it looked more round today than the narrow shape it has been before - so he was pleasantly surprised by that. Chances are ok...great embryos, but my lining unfortunately, decreases my chances.

So that's the latest! I have to go in on Friday so they can check all of my levels. Embryo(s) should be implanting about Friday so they want to make sure I have a good balance of estrogen/progesterone.

I'm going to laze around today but I'm not going to be overly cautious. I was really relaxed in the transfer room, and I just want to feel that way about everything...and I want to get up and make a cup of tea if I want... So I'm going to just take it easy and then tomorrow back to normal!


Anonymous said...

well two are in there and fingers crossed your lining behaves itself! (talk about more hurdles!)Good to feel relaxed about it as it only help matters. Waiting game now but good that you are going in on Friday to see whats what. Will be saying a little prayer for you tonight.......xxxx

leslie said...

my lining was on the thin side, too.

am feeling good that youre feeling good.

love you!


Tabitha said...

congradulations! As of right now, your pregnant!!!

Anonymous said...

You have worked your way again to this point, when many would have thrown in the towel, so now you have a fantastic chance to reach your dreams. Don't stop now, the best is yet to come (with a little help from your family, friends, docs etc. etc.) Your cheering section is ready ......

Julie said...

With such a positive attitude, I'm sure things will go great. Big hugs.

Nicole said...

So sorry I've missed pretty much the whole bulk week of your IVF! What a rockstar S is! I hope she didn't get OHSS, which it sounds like was a concern...? Wow, I'm so impressed and excited about your fabulous lab reports!! I think you made the 'right' decision about the ET this time (in " because how do you ever really know if something is the 'right' decision in IF? ugh). Just keep remembering that, while lining is important, the embies themselves are more so in determining whether or not you'll stay pregnant. AH!! PUPO!! Good luck with the torturous 2ww! I hope it goes speedily and brings an amazing BFP for you!