Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't get too excited...ok?

Today I'm a shining example of a woman who is clearly pre-menstrual. I'm feeling fat and bloated, I'm irritated by everyone, I have cramps, my back hurts and I'm burning up...which I *think* means my temperature dropped...that would make sense right? I think I've had this before - really hot, like an overheated feeling right before getting my period. I think I will probably get it tomorrow, if my theory is correct. But then I'm not sure about that because when you have a fever, you get the chills - oh wait, yes, that makes sense...but then sometimes mom will say, "you're burning up." So what the hell? Someone answer my damn question!! Why am I literally roasting when its -5 outside?

I really miss Cleo. Normal routine things that she was a part of are what's upsetting me the most. Like when I'd shower in the morning she'd always be in the bathroom with me. It was our washing up time...I would use a sponge and she would use her tongue. If she missed the window of opportunity to get inside before I shut the door, she would wait outside and then give me a really irritated meow. I'd just shrug...gotta show up on time - no time for tardy kittens.

She loved the heat in there...and would plant herself in front of the vent. And when I blowdried my hair, she'd get a 5 second blast all over her body. That was her fave. I miss routine stuff like I'm all alone (YES, Chris lives here, but this is my alone time...which was always spent with her). I hate that I just came home to an empty house...she would always greet me in the kitchen. I'm realizing today just how much I talked to her, like she was a person.

Sigh. I don't think I'm pregnant so I'm warning you all now. I'm not trying to be Neggy Nelly, I'm just being realistic. And I don't want anyone getting too upset (me included). I don't like to dwell on awlful things, I like to move move on with me - quickly.

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leslie said...

okay...i have to say this just once, k? just let me get it out JUST IN CASE.

if you arent preggers, im gonna be so pissed. seriously pissed. because it would be just so freakin' unjust. i wont harp on it or anything, but there will be a small ball of fury in northern california.

anyways..just had to say it.