Friday, February 26, 2010

I Kinda Like Shoes

I bought these today in the event that I might,some day, be invited to something a wedding. I can't really wear them for downtown summer dinners, because Toronto streets are ankle breakers at the best of times, nevermind 5" heels, and I can't wear them to the elusive Garden Party I've been talking about for 10 years beause I'll sink into the grass and hurt myself, or complain the entire time which would literally be the end of my marriage...and I can't wear them to a friend's house because the girls will laugh at me and call me a midget on yep it has to be a wedding. I need one of my friend to get divorced right now and find a new man before platforms become the trend that never quite was.

Whatever it is, make sure you give me enough time to find a dress, because I have got nothing to go with these beauties.

Oh how I love them so.


Anonymous said...

Those could be weapons!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm me likey, me likey a LOT