Sunday, February 7, 2010

Retrieval Day!

Omigosh I can't believe this day is finally here. Chris is on his way down to the clinic to make his deposit, and S should be having her procedure as I type this. I can only hope that they have given her enough drugs to make the whole thing bearable...after all, the clinics here insist on having you awake for the procedure...I dunno, beats me.
To be honest with you, today will be a surprise, not only for you, but for me. I have NOT A CLUE on the number of follicles that they are hoping to retrieve. Not a clue. It could be 2 (unlikely) it could be 5 - 8 - 10??? I honestly have no idea whatsoever. I've decided to take a practical approach and get double digits out of my head and hope for greater than 5. Two nice embies and a couple to freeze would be all a girl could hope for.. Of course I want more...but we all know my let's just stay cautious.
Wish us luck!!!


MamaLisa said...

EEEK!!!! Can't believe this days is FINALLY here!!! HOORAY!!!!

Come on Embies!!!!

p.s. your allergic reaction story had me freaked right out! Hope you went straight home and took some Benadryl!

~ MamaWannabe

the good eggs said...

I can't believe she has to be awake for the procedure. Scary! And look at you and your low expectations. I can't believe her numbers. I thought I did well last time but she beat the pants off me. Has she said if she had ovarian hyperstimulation when it was over? I'm interested to know if you can give that many without over-stimming.

Eggs said...

Hi GE, I don't believe she "technically" overstimmed - as in she was not given drugs to slow down the process, I don't believe. I would have paid for them so I don't think she was put on anything. She did, however, have a scary morning of the retrieval, she pulled a muscle getting up to go to the washroom and she and the doc met at the clinic at 4am. My doc kept a very very close eye on her, and we all rallied to ensure she was ok for the week (they called and I visited her apt a couple of days later). None of us wanted her to have any complications from this. She was very scared though, and is unsure she will do it again...but I think all in all her experience was ok. Within days she was back to normal.