Thursday, February 4, 2010

Allergic Reaction...Must Be The Meds

As you all know I'm gearing up for a donor embryo I've been taking a double dose of Estrace because my lining really needs the boost. The doctor told me it might make me sick, because its more than the norm. I have felt mild dizziness but that's about it - and I have managed to continue on doing what I do.

Yesterday Nicole and I went to the gym to do a bit of a workout since we haven't been doing much lately. We normally run outside, but she's 7 months pregnant and needs to dial it back a bit. So we hit the treadmill and were power walking uphill. I noticed my hands started to get really itchy, but figured it was from swinging them while walking - too much blood to that area, but whatever... continued on, and then we decided we would do some weights, lunges, etc., nothing too strenuous. Well I eventually had to stop because my hands were really red and they were starting to swell. By the time I got home my hands were like balloons but I kept an eye on them and they eventually calmed down.

So today I have a massage booked to try to calm me down because the nurse at the clinic makes my blood boil every time I speak to her, and I need to be relaxed (come to think of it, I should send her the bill). Anyway, I'm lying on the massage table with my face in that little donut thing getting my back massaged. I noticed some tingling in my lips and figured it was just blood rushing to my face having it stuffed through this little hole. She eventually flips me over and I feel swollen, but I can't see myself...and I say "I must be retaining water or something from the drugs I'm on." She finishes up the massage and leaves the room. I'm getting dressed but something's I head to the tiny mirror they have beside the door and flip on the light. To my horror, I am looking at someone unrecognizable. My face has completely swollen up - my eyes are two little peas and my eyelids are buried. The corners of the inside of my eyes where my tear ducts are can't be seen, and are flush with my lips are huge. I wonder how on earth I'm going to get out of here without someone I work with seeing me in the lobby (yes I realize I'm more concerned with my looks than anaphylactic shock.)

I call Chris from the little room (we work in the same building) and tell him he has to help me...and to bring icepacks. He comes in and says "you're having an allergic reaction." On our way home, I said to Chris, "you know, I have just waiting for this day to come because my mother started to have reactions when she was about this age. She had a severe reaction when she went to a salon and used..." and as the words were coming out of my mouth, the blood drained from my face...OMG MY MOTHER HAD A REACTION TO WHEAT GERM SHAMPOO!!! I have been taking 2 huge liquid gels of wheat germ oil for 2 weeks now because it is known to increase the thickness of your lining. Ok now picture Chris's face as it changed from the look of concern to OMG you are so dumb.

It all makes sense now doesn't it? I'm having a reaction to the very thing my mother did. It's weird that I didn't make that connection, but that is most definitely the reason for this reaction, and it's just been slowly building up in my system.



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mrs_moesy said...

I'm glad you figured out what it was!

How long will it take to get out of your system?

And I think I would have had the same concern you did. Who will see me in this ridiculous state!?

Good luck on your appointment today. <3

Anonymous said...

OMG THAT could have been so so worse than just the outer extremities becoming orgre like - thinking shrek! Ok, away from all the jokey bits - this is Bad and you are very lucky to get away with it so lightly so to speak! I have knowledge about wheatgerm - several girls I know have taken it and it has not agreed with them whatsoever - I am a bit anti taking anything other than say, extra Vit c, zinc and say Vit b - anything else you should be acquiring through natural foods - but thats just me - the medicines that you are taking at the moment are high doses and not something that "normal" women take on a daily basis so stop with the other feel good stuff - ok - are you hearing me!

Julie said...

OMG that is TERRIBLE! Did you manage to get out of there without being spotted?