Monday, January 25, 2010

DAY, er. TWO!!!

Yesterday was to be a big “post” day – it was Day 1, and I was to write a big fun something-or-other to mark the beginning of an exciting chapter. But it was also the first day to purge myself of anything that might adversely affect my treatment…and by 3:00pm I had to lie down my head was pounding so hard. I wondered what on earth could have given me this kind of evil headache…and then I remembered…lack of caffeine.

I have ONE cup of Tetley tea a day. ONE cup…so I find it odd that my body would have pins and needle pains, soreness and headache just because I decided to have a decaf instead. Yet, it’s the only thing I can peg it to.

Anyway, Day 2! Here we are!

Tomorrow both S and I will go to the clinic for blood work and ultrasounds. She’ll leave with stimulation drugs and I will leave with Estrace to build my lining up for the transfer. Other than the stress involved with this cycle, the financial strain and the lack of control, it will be a fairly easy cycle for me. I basically ride it out until the transfer…which is a snap. It’s the upside of having an egg donor I suppose…well there are several actually… but there should be, because to get here, you have to have dealt with a lot of crap.


Kirsten, Chris, Jacob and Sarah said...

Good luck!!!

mrs_moesy said...

I'm feeling it! <3

Anonymous said...

Or may be it was just a normal hormone headache going on that comes with having a monthly rather than the lack of caffeine? and along with that the stress that is involved in this monthly cycle - our bodies have a strange way of coping with stress but hey, exciting days ahead!

Anonymous said...

This is it Lisa, this is it. Huge prayer tonight, for strength, for patience, for peace, for good luck, for a ton of good quality eggs, for lots of embryos and a thick lining.

Bring on the powers !!!!