Saturday, March 5, 2011

I’ve been quiet recently, partly because I didn’t want to jinx anything, and partly because I am STUNNED! It’s a strange thing to have something finally work…it’s a strange high, and then you have to just get on with it. I think people were more excited than I was - or it might have appeared that way, but it was a protection thing. With everyone knowing at such an early stage, it was like, “Yes, I’m over the moon, but WAIT…’cause we’re not in the clear yet!!” I know it’s not a positive way to think, but remember where we’re coming from.

On Tuesday we accompany Nickole to the heartbeat ultra sound, and I think from that point, chances will be pretty good that we’re well on our way. I’m excited to know if it’s one or two! I know the chances of two are greater because of Nickole’s high numbers. I’d be beside myself with either option – I think Chris would prefer one…but he’s definitely up for the challenge of two…or let’s put it this way – he doesn’t have a choice!


Kirsten, Chris, Jacob, Sarah & Evan said...

I've been waiting and waiting, and trying to be patient, you had me worried for a while!! I'll be thinking on you on Tuesday.

Wishin4bb said...

So nice to hear from you again. I'll admit that I too was worried for a bit too. So glad things are good. Please don't make us wait after the ultrasound!!!!