Monday, March 14, 2011

I think I Need to Go on Birth Control

Oh you laugh, but you weren't me, walking briskly towards home with a pregnancy test in fist (cheapest one I could find because really...who are we kidding?) I find it (only slightly) amusing that for the first time in my life I LITERALLY was praying that it wouldn't be positive...because you hear the stories all the time don't you? Stories of incredible odds after years of, "Oh, my friend? She was done with fertility treatments, and decided to just live her life, and then BOOM, she got pregnant JUST LIKE THAT." Or my favorite, "our friends adopted a baby, and then 2 months later found out they were pregnant!" These stories are fascinating to the fertile, and ANNOYING to the infertile...especially when you know that's never going to be you. And what's even stranger, is that everyone knows someone like that!!! lol - You'd think being immersed in a world of women who blog about infertility on a DAILY BASIS, I'd know one!

In any event, I had to rule out a pregnancy because I like wine.

I don't think I need to announce the results.

And I don't think I need to say that I'm very much enjoying this chardonnay.

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Brenda said...

After having the boys, the OB kept hounding me as to what kind of birth control I was going to use. I kept telling her that there was NO WAY I was able to get pregnant on my own. I was my own form of birth control. She didn't believe me. Almost 2 years later I haven't proven her wrong....