Friday, March 25, 2011

Tales from the "Been There Done That" 40 years ago

Here's my favorite American Dad telling on his 4 year old grandson...What a hilarious account...I couldn't help but share.

"Daughter in law left for Chicago this am on business, but left instructions on how to handle the kids (can't be done). I was given the keys to an Infinity, but it has 100,000 miles on it, and as many buttons. The little boy tells me he goes to McDonald's all the to kill time I take him. Have no idea where it is, but he tells me. Have no idea how to order anything at McD's except a senior coffee. He gets that order which costs $8 but has some kind of a toy in it, which i have no idea how to assemble. Decide to take him to the library and tell him it's ok to run and shout inside there. He tells me he's going to tell his mother on me. Home we head - have no idea where I am, but am too embarrassed to ask the 4 year old for directions. Finally find our way home and I tell him it's nap time. He says he "doesn't take 'cause he's a big boy". I check my watch and it's only noon and not 5PM."

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