Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Isn't it a thing of beauty?!

Sorry it's taken me since Monday to post... Nickole called me early Monday morning after reading my "must wipe the counter tops again" post. She decided she would give it a shot, and low and behold, it came up good and strong and positive RIGHT AWAY! She's so cute - she texted me several times at 6:30 am, worried she would wake us up before the alarm. I wouldn't have cared if she called at 2am. She said she was up so early she didn't quite know what to do with herself...and then wrote, "call me, I have some questions."

I have to admit, I was hoping she had POAS, but I wasn't expecting it either because we had talked about when we would. We KNEW she could test on Monday, but it still might have been I said it was up to her, but not to mention if she did, and she tested negative. She told me she just wouldn't POAS...problem solved.

But you see, Nickole has this uncanny ability to KNOW she's pregnant, and let's not forget that she's FERTILE AS ALL GET OUT, so she probably had a hunch, and went with it.

Anyway, I called her right away and she said "what are you doing right now?" I said I was "doing my eyebrows" lol - and she said, ok take the stick away from your eyes...because I have something to tell you." POSITIVE... OMG IT'S POSITIVE!!!! I screamed - like literally screamed...I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.. but then again, it's Nickole and she was like "shrug, I'm pregnant." Like easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Chris and I are OVER THE MOON!!!! And my emotions have taken me on an incredible journey. The emails, congratulations and support have been absolutely overwhelming, and I KNOW this is early days, but I decided a long time ago, to be an open book on this by having this blog, so no 12 week wait for us... how can I hold out on you now?

Ok sorry this is a real ramble of a post, but I just wanted you to know that we are absolutely overjoyed by this, and can't even believe it! We're going to be parents! And this unbelievable fact is something I thought might never happen.

We love our Nickole - she has been so incredible and supportive and excited...she feels like part of our family now...and forever will be.

More soon... but I just wanted to let you know the great news!

Please pray for Nickole and for us, that this pregnancy will thrive and our baby(ies) will grow and heartbeats will be seen, and fingers, toes, and everything else will come easily!

Love to you all!


Kirsten, Chris, Jacob, Sarah & Evan said...

Whooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! That's a really strong BFP if ever I saw one!!! Congratulations to all of you....hmmmmmm I wonder how many little people are baking away in there...can't wait to find out!!!!


Congrats. What a journey.

Adam and Julia said...

YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! What an exciting time! I can't wait to hear more and find out how many little ones there are.

Lara said...

What wonderful happy news! congratulations!!!!

ks said...

Wooohooo!! I'm so excited for you! And that's a strong positive! My money is on 2 healthy strong little beans. I've got everything crossed for a great beta for you!


It's your turn hon!

Julie said...


This is SO amazing!

I am thrilled for you guys. Big hugs, let's celebrate soon!

Jill said...

Hello- I've started reading your blog- I saw it listed on another blog. Congrats on the positive! We have twin boys though a surrogate too! I'll be following your pregnancy! Good luck!

Wishin4bb said...

OMG!!! I am seriously bawling right now. BEST NEWS EVER!!! I can't wait for the results. Please don't keep us waiting! I look forward to following your journey. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've been reading your blog for a while now, I'm pregnant via IVF (using my wife's eggs and donor sperm) and it's so exciting to hear about others going through similar things!

Anonymous said...

You deserve all the best
Keep the good news coming
We will pray for you and your baby everyday

Veronique said...

That is GREAT news. Congratulations! :) I'm hoping to get the same results as you soon..

Lisa said...

AAAAAAHHH!!!!! Lisa - words cannot express how thrilled I am for you guys!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!