Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thing One and Thing Two...

OMG twins! We found out yesterday that Nickole is carrying two of our little bubs...all cozy up and comfy in her perfect little space. Seeing the heartbeat flicker on the monitor made me so excited I could have thrown up. That's the best way to describe it...and no, it's not very romantic or mother-like, but I'm just tellin' it like it is. It was the excitement and shock running through my body. It was like butterflies that felt like boulders...combined with a rush of excitement and the end of 6 years of disappointment. I can't deny I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop... But no this is going to work! The babies are growing right on target, and at exactly the same rate, with good strong heartbeats. I'm a very proud mummy right now.

Chris and I just watched a segment on the news about baby monitors and it's as if the report was made for us. I said, "omg, how are we going to DO this?" (joking of course) and his quick reply was, "I DON'T KNOW - WE'RE SCREWED!" lolol - he was joking too of course and said, "we're going to be awesome, we're 40!" lol - okaaay... Pros and cons I suppose.

Who would have thunk it? Me and Chris with 2 babies just like that. Enter Nickole, our little baby savior. Just so easy like, "meh, I get knocked up real quick y'all." Ok that's Britney Spears talking, not Nickole, but she's just as fertile. Our luck may suck when it comes to my body, but I sure did knock it out of the park when it came to the wonderful people we recruited to help make this happen. Yay team.

We have another ultrasound with Dr. A's clinic in 2 weeks and then we will be released to a high risk doctor at Credit Valley Hospital. This brings me great comfort, knowing that a high risk doctor will know exactly how to keep not only our babies safe, but Nickole, and will most likely be familiar with IVF and PERHAPS (if we're lucky) surrogacy. I hope that we have a doctor who can be a little more kind and empathetic than the doctors we've dealt with lately. I don't want to sound ungrateful, and had Dr. A. even mumbled, quietly, under his breath, the word "congratulations", I would have sung his praises. But he chose not to look me in the eye, be in one of his "moods" and talk to Nickole like I didn't exist. Oh, and this has nothing to do with Nickole...I love her for what she's doing for us, and that's the end of the story. But why is Dr. A such a Douche-bag? Why can't he just say, "congratulations...I know it's been a long and sometimes painful journey for you and Christopher." For god's sake - we have a surrogate and donor eggs - this doesn't warrant a little clinic celebration? To what lengths do people have to go to get a little "congrats" from him?

Like I said, I would love to be grateful for everything he's done for us, but at the same time, this success probably has little to do with this particular clinic, and everything to do with our lovely young donor, and wonderfully fertile surrogate...and we'll give a shout out to the endocrinologist, who did a bang-up job.

Oh wow...where did I go? This is supposed to be my shiny happy I'm going to stay here, in the moment, and enjoy every little bit of it. I just had to get that off my chest...and I know it's early to be talking smack, and I hope I don't jinx it all, but I just thought it was important to stay honest, and speak my mind. This is my blog after all.

Nickole & Jon...well what can I say? They're the bomb. We could not have picked easier people to do this with - just so easy, and as I've said this a million times to describe Nickole, CHILL! She's like super chill and what could be better for my bubs, than to be in super chill tummy. Imagine Thing One and Thing Two in my boulder size butterfly tummy? See where I'm going with this? Not good... but we'll be good and ready to catch those babies, and we'll make the best parents EVER!

Can't wait...I just can't wait!

Oh, 40 weeks will be October 27th (sorry mum - a day off yours!!) but twins will likely be earlier than that. Hoping we can go as long as possible, but what will be will be.

Nickole has informed me that she's writing a blog report - so make sure to leave her some comments please!!! I know she'd love it.


ks said...

I'm so happy for you! I can't believe Dr.A, but apparently once a clinic is done with us they are done! I get the same response from my old local clinic now. :( Oh well!

Credit Valley is a good place, I'm sure you all will be in great care! Congratualtions x2! I'm so excited for you, and praying Nichole has an easy time with the pregnancy.

All my best!

Kirsten, Chris, Jacob, Sarah & Evan said...

Congrats!!! Two is awesome!

Thinking of all of you, you'll do great!

Anonymous said...

great news :-)
I ve been following your blog,
its TWO good news

Anonymous said...

Hi, you dont know me but I wanted to say congrats! I am very sad to hear that it was such a hard time having a baby but am excited to see that you have an amazing person that is willing to give you such an amazing gift! I'm Nickoles sister and am VERY proud of the decistion that she has made, im very excited for you and Chris and know that they are cooking in a good oven! lol! I pray that the babies are healthy and strong! Congrats to you all! Sorry if im steping over the line here but I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for you! congrats again! To Nickole, I love You!

Lara said...

Such happy news--congratulations!

Brenda said...

Wow! As a mom of twins (still strange to write that...) I can tell you that twins are 1.5 times the work and 2x the fun! (Although, at times it does seem like they are 3x the work...) This is wonderful news. Congratulations!!!

Veronique said...

Twins???? OMG, I`m soooo happy for you!!!! What great news!! Thanks for sharing!!! :D