Saturday, October 3, 2009

Plan P.1.c. back to the drawing board. Our next plan of attack is IVF AFTER a priming cycle. That's what we're calling this past month - a primer...and I better be primed and ready like I've never been before, because otherwise I think my head might explode.

Our next cycle will start beginning of November. Our friends P&N invited us to Vegas for her 40th birthday. We were on board - we didn't care about the money because we are in over our heads as it is. We felt like this was a one-shot opportunity to do Vegas, in style, and with friends. Bit of a dream for me (except that I've missed my opportunity to see Celine Dion. Don't judge me.)

Anyway, turns out that I will be on injections and needing to be monitored when we are to be in Vegas and this just doesn't work. Plus I want to be able to have a glass of wine with dinner, or a drink by the pool, or get all exhausted saying up dancing til god knows when, or come home as the sun is rising - you know, Vegas stuff...but it is not to be. We can't even suspend the IVF because we'll lose the effects of the priming cycle. Believe me I've thought through all the options.

So, instead of Vegas we stay home for another round of full-filled injections. I wish IVF were more of a sure winning money in Vegas.

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