Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You hear only what you want to hear...

I trusted Lifequest...I thought they were the best. But I admit it now...we've been duped.

Or at least that's how it feels to have sunk our money into a clinic that could care less about us. Every time I have to call and speak to Sharon, the office manager, or "Witch" I wish I could call her, I get really nervous, like break-out-in-hives nervous. She is such a piece of work - her tone SUCKS...I always politely announce myself and she says nothing...I then ask her how she is..."ok" - expressionless. Never asks me how I am...the PAYING CUSTOMER. Makes me INSANE. They're all like that there.

The day I had my egg retrieval and Chris his sperm aspiration, we arrived at the clinic. We were herded around with no explanation...just expected to know what we were doing. We were beyond nervous - these procedures are not the slightest bit fun, especially for Chris, and for me I was already in a tremendous amount of pain due to the stimulation drugs. They gave us robes and a key. I came out and said "excuse me - what is this key for?" I can't remember what she said, but I remember the tone in her voice, and how she made me feel stupid. Chris went OFF! I mean, here we are half naked, vulnerable, nervous and being made to feel stupid?!?! I can't remember exactly what Chris said, but I remember being really glad he was there. Lets just say there were a lot of embarrassed faces...followed by some major butt kissing.

Dr. Sohn, our S.F. doctor called me at work today - he had actually called my cell, left a message, called me at home, left a message, and finally got me at work. He didn't get his secretary to get me on the line and wait for him (like Cadesky did) - he called me himself. He said he wanted to discuss two things: one, the donor consent issue; and two, the results of my latest SHG from Lifequest.

First - I am now confident the donor issue is ok...that we don't require the original egg donor's consent. Dr. Sohn said he escalated it to the UCSF University legal department and they did their due diligence. They are of the opinion that the embryos are the property of Leslie and Rob and that because the egg donor was completely anonymous (even to Rob and Leslie) she will never know the embryos went elsewhere. He said he completely understands my concerns, but he does not think it will become an issue.

Which brings us to my latest rant about Lifequest. This HSG test was done late December by Lifequest. I recall the doctor (standing in for Cadesky) saying "perfect! as expected!" I was proud of my girly bits for being cooperative for once. So Dr. Sohn says "I trust the doctor in Toronto went over your latest SHG results?" I said "well, no, but the doctor who did the procedure said "perfect!" and that was the end of it." He said "well, we should discuss the results then, because there WAS an abnormality." God! He probably thinks my doctor is an imbecile! I'M starting to think my doctor is an imbecile. He said that the test showed an abnormality in the uterus... I quickly knew he was referring to the septum I had removed a couple of years ago...I guess it has grown back (creepy). He said it wasn't a problem - he just wanted me to be aware of the issue...and that the results showed an abnormality. DR. SOHN WANTED ME TO KNOW...not Dr. Cadesky.

SHMUCK! Seriously where do they get off sending me away with abnormal tests results and not even letting me know??????

I'm glad to be done with Lifequest for good. I want to go and spread the word now...now that I have every test result and know I won't be going back. If Chris and I attempt another IVF it will be at a different clinic.

Maybe I'll crank call Sharon tomorrow...or send her poop in a box.

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