Monday, February 4, 2008

Brain Negotiates...

Ring ring

Aunt Flow: Hello?
Brain: Yes, hello? Hi, I'm looking for Aunt Flow?
Aunt Flow: (hesitates) Who wants to know?
Brain: Um...its Brain... Listen, I know this is awkward..."
Aunt Flow : Do you?
Brain: Yes, I understand there's been a few, ummm, incidents, but its been a rough few months, you have to understand.
Aunt Flow: You don't need to tell me what I should understand.
Brain: I know, I know...I'm sorry...its just that we kindof need you for the "project" if you wouldn't mind staying on track, we'd REALLY appreciate it.
Aunt Flow: No, I'm done.
Brain: (silence) Pardon?
Aunt Flow: I said I'm done - did I stutter?
Brain: No. (sigh) But what do you mean by "done".?
Aunt Flow: I mean done. As in DONE done.
Brain: Listen, could you PLEASE just come on time this month. I understand you've been ill treated, but again, you have to understand..."
Aunt Flow: Understand? I understand that every time I've come out for the past, like, 80 months, I've been treated like shit...yelled at, sworn at...sometimes there's fucking crying! CRYING for God's sake! I'm done.
Brain: Sigh. Come when you can then.
Aunt Flow: Not if I can help it.



Anonymous said...

Had to read it a couple of times, but I get it now!! Very witty and original, you write like a pro. Here's hoping brain wins this one - we are all waiting to hear good news, one way or the other. Can't wait for the next instalment of this very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, written like a true pro - your sense of humour has not departed given the circumstances. I reckon an actual book should be conceived amongst other things! Would be a shame to waste your natural writing ability. I took await eagerly for the next installment.