Sunday, February 3, 2008

The "Little Problem/Big Problem" Theory

Why do the things our parents tell us get LODGED in our heads forever, never to be forgotten? Dad has a theory - "Little problem/big problem." Last night I stared at the ceiling thinking about the original egg donor and how we "do not require consent" from her. At first they said we did, that even though Leslie and Rob were the true owners of the embryos, we would need to get the original donor/clinic to sign off. At the time this seemed like a total pain in the ass, but part of me was relieved to know that this would be dealt with - that doing this would ensure nothing would come back to haunt us. Asses covered. When they told me that they DIDN'T, in fact, require her to sign off, I was like "ok great!", but now I'm hesitating...I don't like it...don't like it one bit.

Little problem/big problem...see how this applies? I have just left another seemingly psycho message on poor Judi's voice mail about somehow writing the clinic and their client into a know? Or at least tell me why they now think that the donor consent isn't necessary - how did they come to this decision? ...because the "big problem" is something I don't ever want to deal with.

Little problem/big problem...words to live by.

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Anonymous said...

hey lisa, very interesting reading and I like the little problem/big problem theory. I don't have your problems but I am living them through you and you have opened up a whole new world to me. You know that we are all routing for you and March 24 does have a nice sound to it - it just feels good.