Saturday, February 2, 2008

Frozen in Time...

Is literally what our soon-to-be embies are...but only for a moment. It still baffles the mind and makes my throat tight when I think about the potential...of these scientific little embryos becoming life - real people with real personalities. I'm so excited.

Judi wrote me up a tentative schedule yesterday. She's the coordinator at the San Francisco lab where we'll be transferring 2 embryos. I had originally thought the drugs for an FET (frozen embryo transfer) took longer - much longer, and I was afraid my plan to be in San Francisco around mid-March would be set back a month or two, but as it turns out the timeline for an FET is very similar to that of a "fresh" cycle. Looks like transfer day will be March 24. I REALLY like that date I'm not exactly certain why...I'm sure its someone's birthday - someone I really like...or is it the first day of spring or something? I dunno but it has a nice ring to it.

Here's the schedge...please note there is no EGG RETRIEVAL date...for this I am forever grateful. If you have no idea what I'm talking me you don't want to know.

Day 2 of cycle - start BCP's (approx Feb 8)
Feb 27 - start Lupron - continue BCP's until Mar 2
Mar 2 - stop BCP's and wait for period
Mar 10 - start estrogen
Mar 19 - leave for S.F.!!
Mar 20 - u/s
Mar 26 - return home

I can't WAIT for injections...see how demented I've become?

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