Monday, February 7, 2011

Tales from The Nesting Place - Chapter 1

Okay So I am not too familiar with posting blogs for everyone in the world to read but here it goes….

The Cole's notes version

Tomorrow I will embark on a journey of epic proportions (for some) that will hopefully change lives forever.

I LOVE BEING A is by far my greatest accomplishment, Every day is fun an exciting you never know what’s going to happen, ONE BIG ADVENTURE!!!!!

They are just so darn CUTE..

All of my pregnancy’s were as enjoyable as being trapped with a giant beach ball attached to the front of you could be. But worth every min of itchy skin, back ache, leg pins and needles .etc……..(typical preggo stuff)

After my husband and I had our cutie pie M 4 years ago I told him that being a surrogate was something I would really like to do, I just thought I have such an easy time of it and I truly consider it a gift and gifts were meant to be shared.

We together decided to complete our own family before taking the idea of being a surrogate under consideration.

We decided to go ahead in October of 2010, so over the last few months I have had my insides view more time’s than ever before……. I did not even know that they had internal ultrasounds….. EAKKK NOT FUN but a necessary evil . AND blood work……omg. maybe the clinic is really a blood bank reserve for vampires…. (LOL just kidding)

I am so excited and frightened at the same time LIKE riding a roller coaster so excited to get aboard then wait in limbo as the cart moves along the track….. as you reach the peak (where it fun begins ) your heart, stomach and anything that felt the need to migrate north are now in your throat.


I will apologize in advance that I am not nearly as entertaining in my writing as Lisa but I will try….from time to time.

Please Stay tuned form time to time for updates from…..



Anonymous said...

We love you for the gift you are about to give to our dear friend. You have no idea how many people's hearts are being touched by you and what you are about to give. It's been a tough road for Lisa and Chris and we'd like nothing more than to see them as parents with a family to raise. So Thank YOU and the Best of Luck !!!


Anonymous said...

Your first blog is so entertaining, already I know we are going to enjoy the journey with you, the good, the bad and the ugly!! You are doing an amazing thing, when you think about it, there are not many people who would give up a year of their lives to help another person, especially when you have your own family to look after. The surrogate mum is a very special person, someone who has so much love and empathy for others that it spills right over and needs to find somewhere to land. We are so fortunate that it has landed here in our midst. Thank you for your gift, it is tremendous, no small thing, the gift of life when hope has gone. It doesn't get better than this. The world is a kinder place today.