Saturday, August 22, 2009

An all mothers

Ok so I'm not above apologizing when I'm wrong and in this case I am. For years now my fertile friends have been spewing forth life from their loins - little things that spin until they can spin no might say they are running on perpetual motion...and fish crackers. Well today we acquired one...her name is Quinn and she is my niece. She was dropped off with much enthusiasm by her father early this morning. I couldn't even finish asking my long list of questions before seeing the trail of smoke left down the path, like the Road Runner. That was 8:30. The point of all this is that now its 2:00pm and we have just put the Mighty Quinn down for her nap...and it could not have come sooner.

I remember trying to make plans with mothers, only to be rudely interrupted by the inevitable..."noooo, that won't work, so and so naps at that time.' Rolling my eyes I used to think, "GOD! Who's the boss here - the parent or the kid?" Well today I understand...the nap is not really FOR the kid, its for the parents, and it is NOT to be messed with. To just have a moment to tidy up a little from the monsoon that has passed through the house, or to re-stock the fridge with sweaty cheese and soggy Cheerios left over from the water park...and mostly, to just stare into space. You earned deserve it.

So to all of those mothers who put nap time before anything else, I now completely understand...and I'm sorry I rolled my eyes!

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