Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bikini's - Think Outside the Bathingsuit Box

I just read some posts on my girl's/baby/IF/community/anything goes site. The "not-so-itty-bitty" club were commenting on the horrifying and traumatic reality of trying to purchase a bathing suit, which got my wheels turning. Being probably way too conscious and borderline obsessive with my weight (and lack of height in combination)I can completely relate. They might not be able to relate to me, being that I know I am slim to most, but I do understand looking in the mirror and being shocked and awed...and not in a good way. Just yesterday, I shopped for a bikini top and realized that I was trying on tops intended for 20 year old boobs...not unruly, shapeless out-of-control boobs. The stores generally have dim-lit pot lighting (very clever but I'm no dummy) and although its dim, it shows every lump and bump on the way down. Now, replace that dimly lit source of light with the largest source of light known to man, and you've got yourself some serious problems.

This is why I work out so much...and not having had babies, I have had the luxury of time to do so. Had my life's taken the more normal route of easy conception, I may not be as fit as I am today.

I do, however, think there are 2 separate neuroses when it comes to putting it all out there in the noon day sun. The obvious one being weight, but the other one, not given nearly enough credit, is age. There is no question I can fit into a bikini and look candlelight...and my friend L (a member of the "not-so-itty-bitty club") probably wants to smack me right across my face when I whine, which I shouldn't, but I think the issue for me, these days, is not so much about weight, but the fact that I am FORTY.

FORTY year olds, unless they are Ursula or Jennifer Aniston, should not be wearing bikinis. There's just no reason for it. Plus, you scrutinize yourself in a bathing suit (as mentioned above) in front of your bedroom skinny mirror with a "warm-yellow" 40-watt light bulb far off in the distant corner of the room, and think, "I can pull it off." And "yes you can!"...if its 8:00pm or later.

Which brings me to my bathing suit solution: the Lululemon "speedy" short. It has a soft smooth band of Lycra type material right below the bellybutton, a built-in undie, and a very short short. Its skimpy enough to pass as a bathing suit, but not so skimpy that your dimply butt is hanging out for everyone to see. You could pair it with a bra-like bikini top, or if your stomach is an issue, you can wear a tankini top. The only thing they don't recommend is swimming in chlorine, as obviously these are shorts and aren't tested for pools. Its really not a pool look as the intention with a pool is to go for a swim, but if you are at the beach, or simply watching the kiddos by the pool, I think this is a great solution.

So what does everyone else think?? Does it work for you and your lifestyle?


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to understand why someone like you is spending so much time analyzing (non)fat and being 40 ? Time to be carefree and live it up a bit my friend !

L, the not so itty bitty girl :)

Anonymous said...

show me where to buy it NOW!