Sunday, August 10, 2008

3 Months Later

Well...we are definitely on the home stretch of the adoption homestudy. Chris and I have answered all the questions, passed our police checks, created our birthmother profile, and are probably in for one more sesssion with The Blug to approve the "report". This is the report (I think)that Blugerman will send to the powers that be SHOULD a child be placed in our home. I don't think with Blugerman's stamp of approval and no red flags we would be denied at that point - its just a formality. On approval we would then be able to officially adopt through the courts.

Well that's what I think anyway... I don't really know for sure - just go-in' with the flow at this point!

Am I excited to be at this point? Yes and no. I think we are about to face some really difficult decisions. I can't deny that Chris and I would, of course, given the choice take a healthy baby over a baby that would potentially have developmental issues, whether physical or mental. I think GIVEN A CHOICE, most first time parents would want this for themselves, no?

Well we do...but we'll see.

So I just got back from Kelowna. I was there for 8 days and extended it another 2. It was really nice. I think Chris and I would do well there... there is just so much open space and hardly any traffic. I think Chris needs to get out of this busy city as much as I do. I was excited to see Chris but became more depressed about being home when I stepped into a house that reeked of smoke and was dirty. I can't deny I like a spiffy house and Chris had really not done much in the way of maintenance. Our neighbor smokes like a chimney and since there was no cleaning going on on our side, the smell of smoke had settled into the house. It was cluttered, messy, dirty. Talk about depressing. All day Friday I couldn't wait to get home to start cleaning. I wasn't really INTO cleaning, but knew I would feel so much better with a clean house - more clear in the mind if you know what I mean. I started at 4 and didn't stop until about 9:30 - and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. I like the house again.

Gonna try to keep this up now...but its difficult as the adoption process has such large gaps between visits and we sit in limbo...but will try to keep it up.

Thanks for listening!!


Hollyn said...

I'm glad that you're maintaining a somewhat positive attitude, given everything that has happened in the last year. You're going to be a good mom and Chris is going to be an excellent dad. As far as the house is concerned, I think you two will know what to do when the time is right. How's that for cryptic? :)

Keep the faith, my dear. You're getting there!

Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

I had that lunch box (that you have in your profile). Too cool!

Good for you guys...didn't realize this is where you were at in the journey. Hang in there. And, if you have two cents to rub together after living and breathing ART and adoption for the last several years, you may want to get a cleaner. We did and it has saved my sanity!