Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Book"

Sounds like I’m talking about the Bible, but I’m not. I’m referring to our adoption portfolio…the book that will decide our fate…the book that will “sell” us to a prospective birth mother. God I hope it’s ok.

I spent hours upon hours putting The Book together, without really researching what was supposed to go in it. I mean, I had a general idea, but I really did wing it through and through. I like it. If I were a young mother I would connect with this book. I wrote as if I were speaking to her… I made each flip of The Book a new story. There was a quick introduction and a bunch of pictures of Chris and me, and then I went into stories. Short quick detailed stories of this and that…and each page had a theme. “Lisa talks about Chris” and then a story, and a bunch of pictures. “Chris’s favourite memory” where he would describe his adventures at Sanibel Island… The Book is full of of us, family, holidays, pets, our house, friends. Its visually loaded and I think this will be key. People like to see what they're getting into - and hopefully I provided a really good "glimpse" into our lives.

We definitely lacked in talking about adoption itself and how we are open to the new way in which adoption is going, so I had to make some adjustments - talk more about openness. The fact of the matter is that open adoption is the way adoption is going…so you’d better get on the bus or you’ll be left behind. No one is interested in closed adoption now - it’s considered old fashioned and closed minded. The days of no contact and not knowing who your birthmother was are over. Today it’s all about BBQ’s and picnics and one happy blended family and if you don’t like it – then you’re meant for international adoption where the chances of having future contact are slim to none. We hope to achieve something in between. I have no issues with sending pictures and updates on milestones and achievements – and anyone who knows me knows I’ll totally embrace that AND enjoy it…and hey – it might even turn into something I never thought I could do …but this is not a “shared parenting” arrangement…well enough said on that subject…its difficult to continue without sounding cold or matter-of-fact… Ok I’m gonna try: I like the openness of it all, but within reason, I guess is what I’m getting at. I don’t want moving to another city to be an issue because birth mom won’t be able to make the BBQ, kwim?

But anyway, The Book is done and as I type this being printed in glossy paper with royal blue covers times 4. The 4 “copies” will then be sent to different Lincensees within Ontario. This gets our name out there a little more. There’s a charge to register, of course, but it is very reasonable – approx $300 each agency. That is very doable.

I can’t say that I’m not getting more and more excited about it all. Imagine! We get to bring home a baby!! AND, as many friends have so kindly pointed out, keep my girlish figure.

Stay tuned!

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