Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now I...had...the time of my I never felt this way before....and I swear its the truth...and I owe it all to you!

Well the end of summer approaches. I can’t say I’m miserable about it, I really love fall and, of course, the clothes that go along with it. I love the crisp mornings and the smell of dried leaves, fireworks and squash soups. Love it all. I have taken a break from taking courses – usually at this time I am gearing up for another HR course, but this term I just want to take a break, and not be running around like a madwoman come Christmas to get everything done, while studying for a final. Its fine…and I always get through it and there’s a great sense of accomplishment that goes along with finishing, but this year I just need a break. I have promised myself I will take a course in January so I’m not falling behind.

We are at Deerhurst this weekend – an Ontario resort in Huntsville. It’s really nice, very “Dirty Dancing”. I feel like we should have found out where the “real” party was last night…up the path, over the creek to the “staff” lodgings for a little bump n’ grind. It would have been better than what was going on here. We decided we would watch a movie after dinner. We have 2 double beds and a flat screen in the bedroom and then a regular TV with couch and chair and kitchenette in the other room. Its called a Jr. Suite. Anyway, we got into our own beds (I had requested a king bed but this will do!) to watch “Iron Man” and, of course, the menu wouldn’t work. We called front desk but they said all they could do was re-set it…other than that we’re out of luck. It didn’t work. So knowing the menu worked in the main room we gathered our pillows and blankies and tried to get comfortable in front of a crappy TV that seemed miles away. The people next door had their TV so loud we could barely hear ours. In fact, we couldn’t even figure out where it was coming from it was so loud! Knowing that the noise obviously carries, we felt we had to keep ours down to ensure we didn’t piss off our neighbours like these people were doing. Kids, must have been kids because it was so damn loud it was laughable. Then the people upstairs came home. In, out, in, out, slam, bang, door shut, screen slammed, stomp over to the TV, stomp back from the TV, jump off the bed, run to the door, open door, slam door, turn right back around, come in door, slam door, stomp to fridge… It was a bit of a circus. So with all of this going on, we could barely hear our movie, or see it for that matter. I couldn’t wait for it to be finished so we could just turn our TV off to be sure we weren’t irritating people. I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow. I feel grand this morning – fresh and ready for the day.

So adoption stuff…well the 4 extra books are finished and bound. Blug said we would need copies of the original to send to other agencies/licensees around Ontario. The guy at the printshop called and said they were out of the purple/blue covers, so would I like “light blue”…I said “like a baby blue?” He said yes. Well what do guys know about colour? Nothing, it is the most obnoxious turquoisey sky blue I’ve ever seen. So I went on a mission to “The Papery” to find more appealing covers. After many many minutes torturing myself over what would be best, I settled for a silver card stock…it has textured striping through it – I think it will look good without looking too contrived. Let’s hope anyway. I am quite pleased with The Book, I can only hope it will be the key to finding a really great birthmom.

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