Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things are about to get pretty freakin' crazy around here. Only about a week now until Nickole starts her cycle. Does anyone else feel like this limbo period has lasted an ice age?

I think everyone's been a little on edge. The waiting, the anticipation, the potential for over-the-moon elation, and also the potential for total disaster... Because I've always been an open book to anyone who's interested, everyone knows... and because of that, I sometimes feel like I'm in a stadium and all of you are the fans...waiting anxiously for that single moment when we score a goal...but game after game, you leave the stadium disappointed and in a not-so-celebratory mood - which sucks for you and sucks for me. I want, for once, the fans to go NUTS and leave the stadium like we've just won the playoffs.

Wouldn't that be nice? For a change?

And throw in the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. Ok that one is even more lofty than my dream... let's leave that one for now.


ks said...

LOL! the Leafs winning isn't going to happen anytime soon anyways. But I do think I smell a victory on the horizon! I'm so excited for you! I actually have been thinking of you and hoping that everything was lining up soon! Always here cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

Well I am shocked that someone from Canuck land would be hoping for a Leafs victory. Booooo, hissssss, what were you thinking. Actually it's entirely possible that the Canuckleheads can go all the way this time ..... Sorry that was off topic - of course we are here cheering you on, right on to the end of the road and beyond if need be .... I feel good nanananananana, like I think I should nanananananana

Lara said...

Hi! I just found your blog but I think I'm here to stay--just know that you have a new fan keeping her fingers crossed for you.