Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Would MacGyver do?

Well, its been an interesting week to say the least. One thing you may not know about me, is that I'm impulsive. I don't sit and contemplate and think of pros and cons and consider all options like most smart people, I jump in with both feet and usually with my eyes closed. I guess I work from the heart.

The thing is, the quicker I jump in, the less overwhelming the task seems. Until I sit down and actually DO it, its a big unknown that eats away at me...a big overwhelming nagging feeling that won't lift until I get started.

I've learned a lot in a week. First of all, I decided to investigate egg donor agencies...just to get the ball rolling. It seemed a less daunting, albeit expensive endeavor, to be able to put the in's and out's of egg donation into the hands of the professionals. The agency would take care of everything, from legal documents right down to flights, hotels and meals. I wouldn't have to manage any of that. Sounded good to me...until I discovered that my doctor's office won't deal with agencies. Great. Another road block. (Is someone maniacally laughing at me right now? Seriously people.) I was quite upset with this newest glitch having gotten used to the idea of an agency donation, and doing some on-line donor shopping. It was so nice to be able to see all of the donors and to be able to narrow it down to someone with Scottish heritage, brown hair and grey/green eyes. There were a handful of donors I would have been entirely happy to choose...but to do this I would need to change doctors...a-gain. Dr. A. simply won't budge on the issue.

After much discussion with my trusted Peaches, and against my initial inclination, I decided to just try to see if I could find an independent donor - someone local. So I posted a couple of ads in local on-line classifieds to see what was out there in the world of private donation. Not really the path I wanted to go down, but this is how it's done here...this is how people find donors. I've had one response so far and I very quickly learned that "measuring up" goes both ways...I have to measure up for we'll see how this plays out.

I find it incredible this road I'm on - this road to finding a baby we can call our own...absolutely incredible. I don't know a single other person in my life (other than the Peaches) who has had to fight the way I've had to. It used to make me crazy, but now I just realize that this is my "big challenge" ...this is my life exam. Will I pass? Well, who knows...but the fact that I've gotten this far and haven't yet thrown in the towel leads me to believe I will. I have a nickname for myself. It's MacGyver. It's MacGyver because I've always been able to come up with a solution.

The MacGyver in me will figure out a way.


Nicole said...

You will be able to work it out. What kind of standards does the egg donor have for her prospective recipient? There is so much more to the IF world than we IFers even know. I feel I am a veteran IFer, and I had no clue about that hurdle. And why does your RE care if he works with an agency? Hmph. I hope the MacGyver in you figures it out to your satisfaction! Good luck :)

Eggs said...

Hi Nicole - well...lets just say that where I live, all this donation business is illegal... well, not exactly... PAYING for eggs is illegal, if someone wanted to donate for altruistic reasons, THAT would be ok...its just the payment that is illegal. For this reason, I believe my Dr. won't work with an agency, as it implies exchange of money...
Make sense?

PVED said...

We'd love to help support you along the way through your adventure and journey:) Come check us out we are a non profit.