Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heaven and Hell

So we are off to Maui in less than 3 weeks and I am SALIVATING at the thought. Its been a long time in coming. I booked this trip at least 4 months ago - like back in October or something, so I've definitely been looking forward to it for a loooong time. The weather here in Ontario is insulting. Its rude, and obnoxious and has absolutely no place in this world. We are reduced to living in parkas and fluffy boots...braving early morning temperatures fit for places like Alaska, or Russia. What were our settlers thinking? Why didn't they say "fuck this noise - keep moving!!!" Did they invite everyone in the spring so they'd get a false sense of security - only to be assaulted by winter come December? Did they outright LIE about it all? Did they honestly think they could just turn a blind eye and expect no one to notice??

Meanwhile back in Hawaii, the smells of Gardenia and Plumeria are fresh in the morning breeze. The ocean and sky resemble the color of jewels and the green grass is lush from the overnight rain. Coconuts and pineapples call you for breakfast and the parrots speak to you in island whispers.

Ok so I'm a little excited...can you tell? Toronto...Maui..Toronto...Maui...heaven...hell...heaven...hell...

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