Monday, January 26, 2009

So today was yet another step towards the Big and Final IVF. Met with Dr. S. who is the guy who's going to landscape my uterus. There is serious work to be done my friends... Firstly they need to go in near my belly button - "up to 4 small incisions". All I can say is thank god this isn't happening prior to our trip to last searing of my semi-decent 40 year old curves... I also would feel much better going into a surgery with a golden tan and a fresh bikini me crazy. Anyhoo, they need to do many things...including:

1. remove left fallopian tube.
2. potentially remove right fallopian tube
(I'm rooting for this because then I'll be "insured")
3. assess & clean up scar tissue
4. remove septum
5. leave in catheter (apparently this helps heal uterus with less scar tissue)

Honestly, is it any wonder I can't get pregnant with all this business going on? Its a freakin' yard sale down there. Who knew? Not me. Oh! Apparently ``Lifequest`` knew but we`ll deal with them later. We WILL deal with them later. (I sound scary but I`m really not. Put it this way, if I get pregnant, I`ll put all this behind me. If I don`t and we wasted precious years and countless dollars, I WILL DEAL WITH THEM LATER. Note it.)

So there ya go. Oh, surgery date is JUNE FREAKIN` 4TH! Chris has reminded me that he doesn`t care how much the surgery hurts, he will be expecting a full on organized birthday party the next day complete with full dinner and tier cake... Its not June 5th yet, so we'll see, but for now I've told him where he can stuff a tier.

They told me they often get cancellations and that my surgery might be moved up. I honestly feel quite confident this will happen, although its not a biggie if it doesn`t I suppose - June will be here before we know it...and to be 100% honest, since this is our last kick at the IVF can, I`m not particularly in a rush to get it over with. With a future IVF there`s promise, there`s a plan, there`s hope. Without any of that and no will bring a host of unwanted and needing-to-be-dealt-with emotions, of which I am not ready for. So I`m ok with June 4.

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Jennifer and Jeremy said...

I have a great feeling about this!