Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WOW! Doc’s office just phoned to tell me I definitely ovulated this month! This is great because we were “on board” if you catch my drift. Oh…but wait a second…I’m pretty sure I ovulate every month…and I’m pretty sure I’ve ovulated every month, for the past 48 months…and I’m pretty sure that I ovulate CD 16-18, which is when we have been..."on board"...without complaining about it even. Yet nothing seems to come of our efforts (roll eyes). Oh boy…who knew this TTC business would be so tricky! Seems like everyone is doing their share, showing up on time, working their full 8 hours, gettin’ things done…but the business is bombing. Scratch head. It doesn’t make any sense, yet here we are. Well! Miracles do happen, right? Pfffft. Please.

Next step is Monday’s meeting with Dr. G.O.H. to review our findings.

Ain’t this fun?!!


C said...

lotsa <3

your S/O.

Anonymous said...

well that's something at least knowing that ovulation is actually taking place and now you have the almighty confirming that for you. so in between that happening and the next step is still a slight mystery. I suspect that your hubby is having lotsa fun practising thou!!!!!!!