Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here we are in Limboland again...where nothing happens and the hope starts to fade. I have officially become the obnoxious caller. The one everyone wishes would just go away. I email Blugerman adoption jokes which I'm sure he rolls his eyes at, and the nurses at the clinic are tired, I'm sure, of telling me to "be patient". How long does it take to book an effing appointment? You open the book, you run your finger down to the next available spot and you write down a name. Easy peasy right? So what on earth is the holdup?

Every day I am bombarded with pics of newborns, and pregnancy announcements. Its difficult. Facebook is brutal!! Its a constant barrage of squirming newborns, eyes half open, wrapped in soft fleece and smelling like baby. I never thought I'd be the type to say this, but maybe I should stay away for a while. I've always enjoyed other people's babies, but right now...well, it really stings.

I hate whining but its all I can muster these days. But that's the nature of the have to hear the bad too...and right now its officially...BAD.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, that picture of a road to nowhere makes me sad ..... come on Eggs, you have to keep your chin up, yeah I know, easy for us to say..... but listen it's always darkest before the dawn, and your normal ebullient and whimsical approach will pull you back from this frame of mind ....just give yourself time to have a mope, it's good for the soul, and then ....back to business, that's our girl. BTW, how are your Xmas preparations coming along, are you the Martha Stewart type, or the last minute panic type? Before you know it, it will be upon us, and then your appointment will happen and things will get rolling again .... my Granny used to say, what is for you won't go past you, and she was never wrong, I know that for sure. I had a talk with her and she says things are going to be very good for you soon.