Saturday, April 5, 2008

12 Days Post Transfer


So today’s stick showed no promise of pregnancy. Not a stitch although I did eventually get that tiny faint little strip – but even more faint than the I think I’m out gals. I’m pretty sure it’s a design flaw with that kind of stick. I’m sure tomorrow I will waste yet another $15 by using the First Response...might as well – I mean who cares at this point! Its actually fun playing around with the Jiffy Pen.
Beta is Monday so it’s not quite over – not until the fat lady sings. Don’t get your hopes up...something for sure would have shown up today if I were preggers...I think, unfortunately, this didn’t work out. Although what a wonderful story it would have made.
Fear not...I am currently researching if this blog interests you it will not stop until someone puts a screaming baby in my arms...
Thanks for hanging out...watching, listening, and your prayers and support...means EVERYTHING to me...specially those Peaches...they have been a lifesaver.
Lots of Love,


Suzy said...

Oh crappy crap. I was so nervous to come on today. I'm crushed for you. Dammit!

I really hope that Monday gives you the surprise of your life, but understand the need to be realistic too.

This may not be helpful now, but they say that closing one door opens another. You guys WILL have kid(s). I know you will. Your determination will get you there.

Thinking of you lots and lots.

Anonymous said...

You sound so optimistic and i love you for it. Your kiddos will find you soon enough and it won't matter how they got here after all.

big big hugs to you.

Let me know if i can make myself of any use at all.


Anonymous said...

I just went back to the beginning of your blog, and read every single word from start to today. Then I broke out in heaving sobs, cried out loud for you and thought of what you have been through, from the start. You have my undying admiration for the entire process, how you have handled each and every hurdle and drawback you have encountered along the way. Handled it with humour, class and courage. Your future may involve helping others overcome obstacles, because you are surely qualified to the max in that department. My heart is breaking for you, but still there is a kernal of hope and until you hear on Monday, I won't think this has been all for nothing. In fact, this is a life affirming process, that you can deal with such adversity and still come out on top. What a strong girl you are. Plus, your husband has been through this with you every step of the way, so hats off to him for all he has done to help you cope. As Suzy so rightly says, every time a door closes, another opens. And another thing, send the transcript of this blog to every major magazine in North America. This is well worth publishing. I wish you all the love of every person who has followed this blog and we will still continue to follow as long as you will write it.

Wishin4bb said...

Lisa and Chris,

I am sorry that things haven't turned out as they should. You will both be amazing parents and your time will come. I KNOW IT!

Lots of love and hugs.


Anonymous said...
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