Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tales from the Nesting Place - Chapter 5

Hello All Again,

I know it has been just over a month from the last blog post.... and Lisa has been up to her eyeballs in renovation heaven LOL.

So it is now t minus 105 days til due date, and 84 days til full term. The belly is still rocking - babies are very active and a new development is the 2:30AM party that I am so not destined to sleep through. I guess that is a good thing because it seems that my bladder is not on the VIP list and gets the boot. Not sure how the hubby would like it if I could sleep through that...I may find it a little funny but I'm sure it would be a short lived ha ha.

Here is a photo of what I look like today (July 13th).

I am having a great summer so far, however I am discovering that carrying twins is sooooo much different that just one. I know I am only 25 weeks but I am the size of someone who should be giving birth SOON lol so I guess it is to be expected that I feel kinda heavy.

On the up side, I am getting lots of people complimenting me on how good I look. (Always fun)

Thank you all for the blog comments.

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Anonymous said...

Well as your sister I am allowed to say that you look 'full term'! LOL! I can not believe it, you do look amazing though, dispite not being able to see you feet:) I LOve you and am very happy to have you as my sister:)
Wish I could be there with you through this!