Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks S and Dmac!

So the story of the cribs continues... I had an opportunity to purchase 2 gorgeous Pottery Barn cribs that were on sale, but I guess they sold out lickidy split because when I went ahead to purchase, they were no longer listed. I worried that we would not find the right cribs, for the right price, in time for the babies.

Chris's mom, Sharon, happened to be passing by a "gently used" baby store, and came across 2 perfect, barely used bassinets that were going for a bargain, so she bought them for us! They are super cute, and in mint condition.

Who doesn't love Nickole's post below? I love talking to her and hearing all the updates. I'm glad the babies are safe and sound in her belly, but I can't deny I wish I could feel all that she feels. Such is life! She has really popped (even more so!) since our ultrasound last week. The babies are doing great - measuring on target and at the same rate. I'm convinced B-mac is a boy... not only does he party at night (like Chris), he LOOKS like him - no kidding! A-mac is a morning person (like me :-) so that is our baby girl...well who knows really - it is all too exciting! Like I've said a million times, I don't care what combination we get, we just want 2 happy healthy little bouncing babies.


I sound like a broken record when I talk about Nickole and how grateful we are... I mean how could we not? She is giving us the most incredible thing! (things! lol)

(I hope she continues to be comfortable, and enjoy this pregnancy... I want nothing more than for this to be an incredible experience for her...)

and ps - your friend can meet the babies when we visit. xx

ETA: WAIT WAIT WAIT!! I got them mixed up (seriously? already?) Amac looks like Chris... and is the "morning" twin... B-mac I think is the girl... oh well like I've said, who knows! But Amac - just look at that profile - it is CHRIS! LOL


Anonymous said...

Lovely bassinets :) Soon they will be filled with bundles of joy :)

Veronique said...

Wow! I love the bassinet! It`s so cute!!!

I`m a surrogate and have been following your story. Many blessings to all of you!! :)